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Posted by admin, 3 Sept 2018

When it comes to Lenovo laptops, the screens are particularly for their smooth finish and stylish design. But unfortunately, the surface of these displays is not up to the mark. Just recently, we have had a case where a bit of grass put a scratch on the surface. What is even more unfortunate is that there is not Lenovo screen repair technology, it all falls down to one move; which is to replace it.

But are their precautionary factors that we can take to prevent the display component from getting damaged? Yes their indeed are. But before we move to the preventive measures, we must first look into the factors responsible for its most prominent damage.

Laptop Screen Damage: causes and preventions

As you might as well have deduced it by yourself, the external factors responsible for this component’s damage mostly consist of dirt, grime, dust, physical damage, weak frame and well….time. Now, Lenovo repair centre ponders upon these issues with more scrutiny:

Lenovo Laptop Screen Repair/Replacement

  • Minute contaminants: The surfaces of most of these Lenovo laptops have a really smooth finish. So smooth in fact, those even the minutest of contaminants, if rest on its surface might cause minute scratches which in the term of aesthetics are plainly disgusting. Accumulated dirt does the most damages to the screen, and while the screen still remains functional the screen does suffer from some really blatant scratches.
  • Actual physical damage: Damage to the outside surface of the portable computing device might not affect the screen, but it sure as hell affects the frame. As the frame’s structural integrity is indirectly proportional to that of the screen, damage to the display unit is fairly common in such circumstances.
  • No sturdy surface: Apart from a smooth finish, not much favorable things could be said about the titular laptop, while the exterior is visibly sturdy, it seems that the screen’s integrity was traded off for colorful lighting and display. To that end, the screen is visibly weak and if by an off-chance it falls down, chances are you are going to need a new screen.
  • Repeated intense usage: Using intense brightness on the screen repeatedly would often burns out the alignment of the liquid crystals. This would in turn have a damaging affect on the display’s brightness. With time, the dim screen would dissolve as well and your display unit would have to be replaced.

Preventions for such issues: To prevent screen damages to your system, you might want to concur to the following:

  • Regular screen maintenance: A screen should always be cleaned on a regular basis using soft cloth and LCD cleaning solution. This would stop contaminations from being accumulated on the surface and in turn prevent damages.
  • Use Glass protector: Much akin to mobile devices, a glass protector is available for the laptops in its more robust form. These devices do not compromise the fidelity of the screens and their usage is highly recommended if you insist using the hardware in unsafe environments.

Luckily, if the default screens are inadequate, we have multiple varieties available. They range from hard glass, non reflective to scratch resistant and sturdy. If you want to know about these replacements, contact Lenovo Screen repair Sydney at their toll free contact number.

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