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How to clean the keyboards of the Lenovo computers?

Posted by admin, 3 Sept 2018

Keyboards are supposed to be an extremely intricate and ergonomic peripheral. To this end, there is no doubt that these are the most used input devices even today. When it comes to Lenovo computers, its keyboards are a sight to behold. In addition to being of a sturdy enough strength, it might also be said that they are a bit on the flamboyant side as well. Unfortunately enough, these traits do not make it invulnerable of many of its issues.

And most of its malfunctions arrive from the dust, dirt and grime. These contaminations lodge themselves beneath the keys and deprive the Lenovo keyboard of its optimal functionality.

Fortunately enough, Lenovo repair centre is here to assist you with a comprehensive guide to cleaning this component of paramount importance.

How to clean the keyboards of the Lenovo computers?

Steps to clean the keyboard:-

  • turn of your system: Before beginning with this “decontamination” endeavor, it is wise to turn off the power. As obvious as this step sounds, you would be exasperated to realize that how many people renege on this step. That is why; enough emphasis cannot be made on the importance of turning off the Lenovo computer before you do any cleaning.
  • Place a garbage bag beneath keyboard: After turning off the system, when you see the circumstances of the component you would be surprised the amount of disgusting and clubbed together dirt is stuck beneath the peripheral. To that end, be well prepared beforehand and put a trash bad beneath the system.
  • Remove the big ones: Most of the visible metaphorical calamity i.e. dirt could be removed straight away. The loose contaminations could be removed by turning the device upside down and gently tapping it. It would dislodge any dirt that could be removed easily.
  • Vacuuming: Before you get all apprehensive about this step, you must know that the Lenovo computer hails from a family of structurally sound systems. To that end, vacuuming the keyboard should not be an issue. Use a small computer vacuum cleaner to accomplish this step. If you really want to be safe, you can use a compressed air-can. This step would aid in removing the more persistent of the dirt particles.
  • Gather the Alcohol: Isopropyl Alcohol, due to their inert nature towards metallic constructs is an optimal solution for cleaning the internals of any computer system. To this end, take a clean cloth and douse it with the aforementioned solution. One tablespoon would be enough for this.
  • Wipe the keys: Using the miniscule amount of solution, clean the keyboard in a delicate yet firm fashion. Lenovo computers entail alcohol friendly peripherals.
  • Scrub Firmly: At times, you would encounter a dense and clustered aberration of dirt. This cannot be cleaned gingerly, but we also have to take care of the device. To this end, more alcohol is needed. Dip the cotton swap completely into the Isopropyl solution and clean the more persistent regions.
  • Re-application: Once the dirt is removed, you need to make sure that some microscopic leftovers are done with too. To that end, after the complete scrubbing, re apply the previous two steps in a bit more delicate fashion until you can perceive the cleanliness of the keyboard.
  • Drying the component: Before plugging the peripheral back in. Leave it to dry in a sanitized space.

Outer component cleaning is a relatively simple task to accomplish. Only through regular maintenance, you can achieve longevity within your Lenovo Computers.

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